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Let’s face it, Kylie, you just can’t win




Dave Hogan


Madonna, Lulu, Kylie. They've all made it on one name only. They're all successful. They all do it their own way. But they all obviously, feel the need to keep looking younger than they actually are.

Kylie's the latest this week to be scrutinised by the F.A.N. — the Female Appearance Nazis — that section of the media that seems to exist merely to comment nastily on the physical appearance of women in the spotlight.

“She looks too smooth-skinned.’’ It must be Botox. “She can't smile or raise her eyebrows.” She must've had “something done”.

For a while she was “brave Kylie, battling cancer”. But now that she's been ‘in the clear’ for some time, she's back to being fair game in the ‘hunt a hypocrite’ season. “She said she'd never have Botox again! But it looks like she has! Boo!!!!”

No wonder smart women still feel the pressure to look 25 but it's hardly surprising, as when we look 40 or 50 or 60 or 70, we get slagged off by our ‘sisters’ for having the faces we've got.

And those who decide to interfere with Nature get slagged off for having a different face to the one they've got. Damned if y'do. Damned if y'don't. I wish it was “Damned if we care!”

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