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Life is about sharing, not standing on principles of hatred or division

I wonder what a dissident republican would do if he was in a car accident and the PSNI arrived at the scene within minutes to help him. Would he stand on his principle of hatred?

Would he refuse their help to save his life? I doubt it.

Not wishing trauma on anyone, but if there's an upside to it, it's certainly one way to hit the refresh button on one's perspective.

As our political leaders here move towards bringing out their proposals on our shared future, let's remember it's individuals, not parties or organisations, that make life worth living.

Any policy that promotes individuals recognising their common humanity, is to be welcomed. Anything that pays lip-service to sharing while actually keeping in place the structures of separation, is to be challenged.

We can't live in a heightened emotional state 24/7, but we can use the insights we get in those periods of intense reality to make our 24/7 better.

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