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Nuala McKeever: A lack of love in James McConnell's intolerant gospel

The fundamental pastor, James McConnell held a prayer meeting in the Andersonstown Leisure Centre in west Belfast last week. A thousand people attended and apparently 40 were converted.

Converted to what, it didn’t say, in the article I read about the event. But if the pastor’s quoted lines are anything to go by, I take it we now have 40 more self-appointed custodians of righteousness waddling around the place.

I used to think Jesus Christ preached love, forgiveness and tolerance. Apparently that must have been some hippy version of the Good News I was fed. Because, according to Mr McConnell, Christ is actually intolerant. And with good reason.

“Christ can afford to be intolerant because he is the only one who has risen from the dead,” he said. “I can afford to be intolerant,” he added. What he doesn’t add is any indication of why he himself can afford to be intolerant. I understand what he’s saying about JC, even if I don’t agree with it, but JMcC’s claim is left rather un-backed up. He’s just intolerant. Take it from him.

Doesn’t it scare you even slightly that a thousand people, walking around looking just like regular people, actually voluntarily went to hear this man preach the gospel of intolerance? Let me just check something. It is 2011 isn’t it ...?

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