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Nuala McKeever: No more sins of the flesh, Mariah

I hope Kate Middleton’s wedding dress will set a benchmark for famous people around the world. With its understated elegance, it sent out a very welcome message in this age of excess — less can sometimes very definitely be more.

I know Mariah Carey probably has other things on her mind right now, since she’s just given birth to twins, but if she is reading this, I’d ask her, specifically, to take a leaf out of the Royal bride’s book.

Ms Carey pushed the boundaries of taste and decency WAY out last week, posing on magazine covers with her husband.

We’ve had female stars posing naked. Fine.

Then we had the female star (Demi Moore) posing naked and pregnant. Different, but somehow quite elegant.

But now we’ve been forced to see the female star posing naked, pregnant and with her husband standing behind her in a position that can only be described as groping her breasts. Yuck!

What next? Photos of the moment of birth with the husband doing something vaguely pornographic in the background? Photos of the moment of conception with the husband doing something definitely pornographic in the foreground?

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