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Nuala McKeever: Ruff justice to get rid of the radio phone-in


Radio phone-in host Stephen Nolan

Radio phone-in host Stephen Nolan

Radio phone-in host Stephen Nolan

Recently I argued with a friend of mine that radio phone-in programmes aren’t the biggest crime against humanity since the introduction of cheese strings many years ago.

But he was adamant that they attract the worst sort of people and are pointless, irritating and downright insulting to one’s intelligence.

“Who,” he argues, “gives a toss what Martin in Macclesfield thinks about have-a-go heroes?”

Up to a point I agree with him. But I like listening to how people talk, noticing how speech is evolving over the years.

Occasionally phone-ins throw up a small gem.

Like the other day when a female caller to the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2, discussing dangerous dogs being muzzled, came out with this, in a broad Scouse accent: “Like I know some people say it’s an infringement of the dog’s human rights but like, what’s more important, humans or dogs?”

Infringing the dog’s human rights? Ruff justice indeed.

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