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Nuala McKeever: The Cold War, Jaws... is it 2010?

If you turned on the news yesterday morning, after a heavy night out on the tiles, you might well have thought you’d woken up in the mid-1970s.

A Russian was being deported for spying and a woman had been killed by a shark off the coast of Sharm el Sheik in Egypt, in waters declared safe when the resort’s leaders claimed to have found and killed the shark responsible — only for these claims to be rubbished by environmental experts who said they’d killed the wrong shark. Time travel alert! It’s The Cold War and the storyline of Jaws all in one bulletin!

Throw in the expose of lots of government secrets by WikiLeaks and you’ve got a Washington Post/ Watergate feel right there, too.

Everything’s a little twisted in the 2010 version, of course.

Russia’s still corrupt but now it’s the capitalists creaming it off; the US is in a war it can’t win and the Chinese are revolting, but this time it’s because we’re jealous.

Thank God for one constant — when it comes to winning the World Cup, team England is still rubbish.

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