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Nuala McKeever: Time for Sammy Wilson to belt up

When Environment Minister Sammy Wilson spoke at the launch of a campaign aimed at reducing road deaths, he noted that there was around 96% compliance with seatbelt wearing but added that if that could be improved it would mean even more lives saved.

Strange, then, to see him in the BBC documentary House On The Hill, shown last Monday night, sitting in the front passenger seat of his car, being driven around Belfast, turning round to chat to the TV producer in the back seat very obviously wearing no seatbelt whatsoever.

Stranger still that no one spotted this illegality and corrected it promptly. I’ve watched the clip a second time to be sure.

He’s wearing a lapel microphone, but no seatbelt.

I know Sammy’s a man who doesn’t believe in keeping quiet about his views on controversial subjects, but does this mean he doesn’t believe in belting up at all?

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