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Our NHS really is just what the doc ordered

The NHS is 65 years old. Lots of people have been posting their praise for the service on Twitter and Facebook etc.

Yet a few weeks ago, a friend of mine tried to send an acknowledgement of his GP to the GP's superiors and was told that there was no system for positive feedback in existence!

Over a series of phone calls, he was assured by a very insistent woman, that if he wished to make a complaint, she could point him in any one of several directions.

"But I don't want to complain," he kept explaining. "I want to pass on my thanks and to express praise to my GP's 'bosses', for the wonderful service he's given me."

"Sorry, but there's no way to do that in the system," was the constant reply.

What a sad state of affairs. I know I could complain about it, but I'd rather not. For all its faults, the NHS is worth celebrating. Happy birthday!

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