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Put bite on your partner with Valentine pizza

One of my favourite pizza delivery outlets in Belfast is offering special Valentine’s Day pizzas. They’re heart shaped and have the words I Love You picked out in dough on top of the toppings. Cute.

Set me thinking that messages in food is a great way to get your point across when normal channels of communication have failed.

Why limit writing on food to special occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day?

A nice fruit cake with the message ‘It’s Your Turn To Put The Bins Out’ picked out in cherries on the top would make a fun suppertime reminder.

Or a plate of chips and beans with the beans arranged in the words ‘The Dishes Won’t Wash Themselves, Y’Know’. That’d be food for thought, wouldn’t it? Or divorce.

Or for tomorrow, a nice big 12 inch pizza, delivered with the message, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Can You Pay The Delivery Man, I’ve Left My Wallet In My Other Trousers?’

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