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Rowan is keeping the faith

For a supposedly Christian country, the UK seems to like its Christians to be seen and not heard.

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s criticism of government policy has raised a few eyebrows. (Not his own, obviously. It would take four men and a forklift truck to raise those draught excluders)

He has been accused of butting into politics. But isn’t that his job, to comment on what’s affecting the marginalised in society? What sort of a representative of Christ on earth would he be if he didn’t speak up?

I’m not a practising Catholic any more but when I was I thought it was about joy and life and compassion. That’s the Jesus Christ I was in love with. (It didn’t hurt that he was young, good looking and had long hair and a beard. Oh stop my beating hippy heart!) I could never understand those who went to Mass with all that enthusiasm.

Rowan Williams is exactly what I’d imagine Jesus Christ would be like if he were around today a feisty defender of the poor, a defier of the status quo and a thorn in the side of the rich and powerful.

And obviously a bit older and in need of a good trim.

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