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So, at last I'm like a princess

Thank goodness for the media, really. I mean, if it wasn't for them this week I'd never have realised that parents, families and friends are big influences on whether or not teenagers drink to excess!

Who'd've thought?! Well done the Joseph Rowntree Trust for letting us know that it's not down to the size of their feet, the annual rainfall in their part of the country or the distance between their house and the off licence.

Also, I'd never have learned that I don't need to apologise for wearing the same outfit over and over again to every single "do" I attend.

It's no longer a sign of being cheap or unimaginative, it's actually "bang on trend" and positively acceptable.

So, next time someone greets me with "Oh look there's that lovely top again, you're getting good value out of that, it owes you nothing" I'll be able to say to them "I'm not wearing the same top again, I'm recycling it."

Recycling - that's what the Press called it when Kate Middleton appeared last week in an outfit she'd worn several years ago.

Recycling. So modern, so with-it, so zeitgeist, so Kate.

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God bless the media, 'cos now I know that at last, after all these years, I'm behaving like a princess.