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So long and farewell to TV decency


Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music

But Perkin's programme made out that Maria was a control freak who lied about her past and ruined her children's lives, leaving them incapable for the most part of normal relationships.

Am I naive? Foolish? Perhaps. But I'm getting sick of tv's penchant for programmes pulling out the entrails of anybody remotely revered, in order to expose them as flawed human beings.

For the most part these shows are on dead people - Maria von Trapp and Queen Victoria are just two examples from last week. So the protagonists can't argue back. This is documentary-by-numbers, where a sensationalist conclusion is used as the starting point and anything that doesn't fit with the producer's thesis is left out. Convenient, but too one-sided to be satisfying. Definitely NOT one of my favourite things.

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