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That's a little too much information from Stephen Nolan

By Nuala McKeever

Didn't see the actual programme where Stephen Nolan revealed his erectile dysfunction problems (the biggest no-show in the country?), but what I heard about it, with graphic descriptions, was enough.

A BBC report says dogs can spot happy human faces. Think they'd have had a hard job finding any in the audience that night.

Like that election night photo of Peter Robinson and Naomi Long, where it looks like they're about to snog, there are certain images you just wish you had never let into your mind and this is definitely one of them.

Filthy rich need to clean up their act

What do Fifty Shades and the HSBC scandal have in common? They both demonstrate that, if you've got loads of money, you can get away with behaving like a total s***.

Wouldn't it be great if every government had to include people from the lowest socio-economic bracket in its decision-making?

Maybe then the well-dressed thieves might actually be held to account for hiding money in off-shore ones, instead of being facilitated by fellow rich types and let off by agencies more intent on hounding the poor.

It's our tax-money. Give it to us now.

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