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Who needs history when you can have empty flats?

Swanston’s Linen Wharehouse or The Athletic Stores.

Call it whichever you want, the fact is the Victorian building in Queen Street in Belfast is under threat of demolition to make way for 69 new apartments.

Some loonies are whinging about this. What’s their problem? Any fool can see that what Belfast needs more than anything right now is more apartments! At the last count we only have about 50% of apartments lying empty. Call ourselves a modern city? Pathetic!

If you can’t see that the way forward is to pull down anything of character and stick up soulless, samey flats that no one wants to live in, then you shouldn’t be working for the Planning Service in the first place.

Shame on you and your short-sighted adherence to the values of taste and heritage preservation.

Besides, if demolition is good enough for our Deputy Mayor Ruth Patterson then it’s good enough for me.

Why, the lady has good taste written all over her ...

On with the demolition, so ...

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