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Why has there been a big fuss over Titanic? The clue is in the name...

You’ve been there, seen it, bought the T-shirt and quite possibly hurled abuse and objects at the local BBC coverage of all things Titanic by now.

But, for those of you who feel that you’ve had it up to the back teeth, with commemorations coming out of your ears, take heart.

If Titanic hadn’t sunk, we’d have had to find some other event to commemorate this year.

Well, I’ve looked at all the other things that happened in April 1912 and I have to say, it’s slim pickings.

If it wasn’t for the unsinkable sinking, we’d have had to build a life-sized airplane at the George Best Airport to mark the centenary of Harriet Quimby becoming the first female pilot to cross the English Channel.

Now how silly do you think we’d have all looked, all of us standing there cheering in period costume beside a wee microlight craft with the world’s Press gathered and clicking away?

Say what you like, but at least the Titanic’s big.

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