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Why the no-event anniversary is a date for my diary

Is there any day in the year that isn't an anniversary of something momentous.

And if so, can we have a day off to mark the fact that there's nothing to commemorate? We seem to be coming down with BIG dates this weather - 30 years since this, 40 since that, 500 since the other. Royal weddings, royal visits, presidential visits.

Even in my personal life, I've been hit by a sudden flurry of big anniversaries and birthdays and special events.

It's getting hard to find an original card, never mind the cost of gifts and outfits.

How about setting aside a day to celebrate a commemoration-free day?

We just smile and say "Happy no anniversary of anything very major at all at all" to each other and relax into a simple 24-hour period without the angst of reading short historical synopses online to remind us what we're remembering.

One blessed day when you don't have to squeeze into a control garment so you can let it all hang out at a party.

A simple pleasant interlude between the high points that are coming so thick and fast they're beginning to blur.

A day's indolence to balance out the rest of this Annus Anniversarius Overloadius.

Let's raise a glass to it.

Now ... what date should it be?

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