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Why the sun makes me feel hot and bothered

Much as we moan about the cold, when a “heatwave” arrives at the end of September, it’s not always the pleasant experience one might expect.

Firstly, you have to get your summer clothes out of the drawers where they’d been stored away since the last warm weather — circa May 1873.

Then you’ve to iron said clothes, cos you’d balled them up in a fit of pique, muttering that by the time you’d get to wear the blasted things they’d be out of fashion. And then there’s the grooming debate. “If this weather only lasts one day, is it really worth all that hair removal and tanning just to show off the lower legs for a few hours?

But, could I thole the heat if I kept m’winter jeans and shoes on? Or, could this be the moment to set a trend for the bluey-white, furry “au naturelle” look?”

Luckily, by the time you’d decided what to do, the heat had passed. Phew!

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