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Why WAGs made it the beautiful game...


Colleen Rooney

Colleen Rooney

Tim Whitby

Colleen Rooney

The WAG-ification of sports coverage continues.

Every time there's a mention of Euro 2012 in the press, the accompanying photos are of glamorous female fans in various stages of skimpy dress. Ever since the wives and girlfriends of the England team were christened WAGs, the media has rushed to glam up, and in the process succeeded in dumbing down.

We now have league tables to see who's got the most attractive lady-fans.

Some gals go for wit in their displays of loyalty but for the most part it's the tit rather than the wit, that's to the fore in photographs.

"Where's the harm?"

Well, the harm is that our obsession with the body beautiful over any other measure of worth, continues to skew young girls' thinking in regard to their own value.

Sport used to be an arena where it was okay to be a tomboy.

Now you have to be Silicone Suzy or Busty Betty to get a look in. It's not enough to paint your face in the team colours, you now have to display cleavage and a taut stomach, never mind flawless bare arms and legs up to your oxters, or you just don't make the cut.

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then young women are hearing, over and over, "You should be like this."

It's just not cricket.