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Ford meets with mutual aid officers

Justice Minister David Ford has met with mutual aid officers to express his gratitude for their support to the PSNI.

The Minister visited the officers’ training facility where he met mutual aid officers who have arrived in Northern Ireland to support the PSNI during the Twelfth of July parades.


Speaking about the mutual aid deployment the Minister said:


“This morning I met officers from the North of England and the East Midlands, amongst others, to express my gratitude to them for supporting the PSNI.


“The mutual aid requirement is designed to ensure that normal policing functions across Northern Ireland will continue to be delivered by PSNI over the coming days, just as was the case during the G8.”


The Minister added: “As we move into the main parades of the season we want to ensure that we build upon recent successes and that Northern Ireland remains in the spotlight for all the positive reasons.


“It is in the interests of everyone in Northern Ireland that respect and tolerance is displayed to ensure the continuation of a peaceful summer.”

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