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Health Minister recognises the vital work of carers at Dementia Achievements Conference

Health Minister Edwin Poots today presented the awards at the Northern Ireland Dementia Achievements Conference at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast.

The awards are a celebration of innovation and good practice. They are designed to recognise organisations and individuals who have worked to improve the quality of life of people with dementia. The awards are run by the Dementia Services Development Centre.

Speaking after the presentations, Minister said “Everyone here today is worthy of praise. We are here to celebrate your achievements in the care of people living with dementia, and their carers and families.

"There have been a number of awards presented today, and I would just like to congratulate the winners in each category. Your recognition is most certainly deserved.

"I would also congratulate all those who were nominated and extend my thanks to all those dedicated staff members, both in the statutory and independent sectors, and to all the carers out there who provide the support that most of us could not to people living with dementia. The work that you all do is vital.”

The awards provide an opportunity to celebrate the important work undertaken to support people with dementia. The winners and nominees are involved in activities that have made a difference to the lives of people with dementia, ranging from volunteers and carers, to those working in the statutory and independent sectors, delivering care and driving innovation and improvements.

Minister continued: “The work done by you individuals, and by organisations such as the Dementia Services Development Centre, has helped drive dementia into the consciousness of the public, the media and those in government. We will continue to strive for further improvements and to tackle the future issues that go hand in hand with living with dementia.”

The NI Office of the Dementia Services Development Centre operates as a branch of the Dementia Services Development Centre, whose aim is to promote awareness and high standards of care for people with dementia. They have been supported by both the Department and by Atlantic Philanthropies for the last five years. 

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