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Health Minister welcomes ‘significant’ June Monitoring allocations

Health Minister Edwin Poots today welcomed as “significant and pivotal” his department’s £54.6million allocation in June Monitoring. He said the allocation – made up of £44million capital and £10.6million revenue – will benefit many people across Health and Social Care.

Speaking after today’s announcement the Minister said: “This significant allocation will play a pivotal role in enabling my Department to deal with a range of important projects. This funding will be used to benefit a large number of patients and service users now and well into the future.

“The £44million capital funding will enable us to invest in Health Service infrastructure maintenance, to purchase new medical equipment and scanners, to provide funding for approved organisations outside the public sector, to enable the modernisation of a number of existing health care centres, to replace catheterisation laboratory equipment, to purchase the Tor Bank site to progress development at the Ulster Hospital and to invest in energy related schemes, which will attract EU match funding.”

Mr Poots said the capital allocation would support essential projects right across the Health and Social Care sector.

This includes £10million for HSC infrastructure maintenance, £8million to replace essential equipment that has reached the end of its lifespan, £5.2million for a capital grant scheme, £12.5million for energy related schemes, £3.5million for health and care centres to support the shift from hospital to community care, £3.5million to replace catheterisation lab imaging equipment in the Belfast Trust as it is nearing the end of its lifespan and £1.3million to allow the Department to purchase the Tor Bank school site in Dundonald for further development at the Ulster Hospital.

The Department also received revenue funding of £9.4million for Transforming Your Care and £1.2million to cover costs of the G8 summit.

The Minister continued saying: “I also welcome the £9.4million which will be put towards the cost of delivering Transforming Your Care in 2013/14 and the recognition that this area remains an important priority for the Executive as a whole. This allocation will play a critical role in facilitating the progress of key transformational projects across the health and social care sector.”

Notes to editors:

1. Breakdown of June Monitoring allocation for DHSSPS.
a. Revenue:
i. TYC transitional funding: £9.4million;
ii. G8 Summit costs £1.2million
b. Capital:
i. Energy related schemes: £12.5million; This provides match Executive funding of £12.5million to match £12.5million of EU funding. It will enable a range of additional projects to be progressed. Some of the projects that can now be taken forward in-year include: major upgrades to telecom and ICT infrastructure across a range of sites; conversions to gas boilers; installation of lighting sensors; automatic SMART metering; bore wells; biomass boilers, CHP installations; LED lighting and PV arrays.
ii. HSC infrastructure maintenance: £10million;
iii. Capital grant scheme £5.2million;
iv. Health and care centres: £3.5million; In order to affect the shift from hospital to community care provision as detailed in TYC it will be necessary to modernise and refurbish a number of health and care centres.
v. Equipment and scanners; £8million; Some of the areas this investment will support include: digital mammography, fluoroscopy, radiography and ultrasound equipment. As well as new MRI and CT Scanners at a number of sites across Northern Ireland.
vi. RVH catheter laboratories: £3.5million;
vii. Tor Bank site: £1.3million: The site remains a key element of the Ulster Hospital development and will be used immediately to address the urgent need to increase car parking capacity at the site.

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