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O’Dowd visits Matt Talbot Nursery School, Belfast

Education Minister, John O’Dowd, today visited Matt Talbot Nursery School and met with the staff and pupils at the school.

Speaking after the visit, the Minister said: “I welcomed the opportunity to visit Matt Talbot Nursery school today and would like to thank the Principal Dr Rosemary Ward, her staff and all the pupils for their warm welcome.

“The school is a friendly and happy place where children can learn through play in a safe and stimulating environment. Early childhood is a significant time in life and the nurture, respect and support a child receives lays the foundations for future and lifelong learning. 

“Matt Talbot Nursery aims to provide a rich variety of challenging play activities and other experiences and staff work hard to maintain relationships with parents, involving them in all aspects of school life.”

The school was deemed outstanding during an inspection in May 2013. It was noted that there were excellent working relationships at all levels and the learning environment is characterised by a sense of enjoyment and productivity. 

In conclusion, the Minister commended all the staff at the school for their commitment and drive. He said: “The staff at Matt Talbot Nursery School have worked hard to create an exciting learning environment and the dedication shown by all staff is evident.

“I understand that the school has established links with the local primary schools. This provides valuable opportunities for the staff to engage in professional dialogue about progression and continuity from the pre-school to the foundation stage. 

“I congratulate everyone involved with the school and wish them well for the future.”

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