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Why does the US think it can win in Afghanistan?

Poor old Algerians. They are being served the same old pap from their cruel government. In 1997, the Pouvoir announced a “final victory” over their vicious Islamist enemies.

On at least three occasions, I reported — not, of course, without appropriate cynicism — that the Algerian authorities believed their enemies were finally beaten because the “terrorists” were so desperate that they were beheading every man, woman and child in captured villages .

And now they’re at it again. After a ferocious resurgence of car bombing by their newly merged “al-Qa’ida in the Maghreb” antagonists, the decrepit old FLN government in Algiers has announced the “terminal phase” in its battle against armed Islamists. As the Algerian journalist Hocine Belaffoufi said with consummate wit the other day: “According to this political discourse.... the increase in attacks represents undeniable proof of the defeat of terrorism. The more terrorism collapsed, the more the attacks increased ... so the stronger (terrorism) becomes, the fewer attacks there will be.”

We, of course, have been peddling this crackpot nonsense for years. First of all, back in 2001, we won the war in Afghanistan by overthrowing the Taliban. Then we marched off to win the war in Iraq.

Now — with at least one suicide bombing a day and the nation carved up into mutually antagonistic sectarian enclaves — we have won the war in Iraq and are back to re-win the war in Afghanistan where the Taliban, trounced by our side seven years ago, have proved their ‘bankruptcy’ in recapturing half the country.

It seems an age since Donald “Stuff Happens” Rumsfeld declared: “A government has been put in place (in Afghanistan), and the Islamists are no more the law in Kabul. Of course, from time to time a hand grenade, a mortar explodes — but in New York and in San Francisco, victims also fall. As for me, I’m full of hope.” Oddly, back in the Eighties, I heard exactly the same from a Soviet general at the Bagram airbase in Afghanistan — yes, the very same Bagram airbase where the CIA tortured to death a few of the Afghans who escaped the earlier Russian massacres. Only “terrorist remnants” remained in the Afghan mountains, the jolly Russian general assured us. Afghan troops, along with the limited Soviet “intervention” forces, were restoring peace to Afghanistan.

And now? After the “unimaginable” progress in Iraq — I am quoting the fantasist who still occupies the White House — the Americans are going to hip-hop 8,000 soldiers out of Mesopotamia and dump another 4,700 into the hellfire of Afghanistan.

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Too few, too late, too slow, as one of my French colleagues commented acidly. It would need at least another 10,000 troops to hope to put an end to these Taliban devils who are now equipped with more sophisticated weapons, better trained and increasingly tolerated by the local civilian population. For Afghanistan, read Irakistan.

Back in the late 19th century, the Taliban — yes, the British actually called their black-turbaned enemies “Talibs” — would cut the throats of captured British soldiers. Now this is repeated — and we are surprised when two American soldiers seized by the Taliban were brutally executed.

It turns out that four of the 10 French troops killed in Afghanistan on 18 August surrendered to the Taliban, only to be immediately executed. Their interpreter had apparently disappeared shortly before — no prizes for what this might mean — and the two French helicopters which might have helped to save the day were too busy guarding the impotent Afghan President Hamid Karzai to intervene on behalf of their own troops. A French soldier said the Taliban are: “good soldiers but pitiless enemies.”

The Soviet general at Bagram now has his amanuensis in General David McKiernan, the senior US officer in Afghanistan, who announced that US forces had killed “between 30 and 35 Taliban” in a raid on Azizabad near Herat. However, the evidence is that they probably killed 90 people in Azizabad, most of them women and children. We — let us be frank and own up to our role in the hapless Nato alliance in Afghanistan — have now slaughtered more than 500 Afghan civilians this year alone.

What the British couldn’t do in the 19th century and the Russians couldn’t do at the end of the 20th century, we’re going to achieve at the start of the 21st.

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