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Critics have BBC presenter Steph McGovern hopping mad


Under fire: Steph McGovern

Under fire: Steph McGovern

Under fire: Steph McGovern

It's not unusual for newsreaders or weather forecasters with Ulster or Scottish accents to get it in the neck from the Home Counties brigade if they dare infringe on 'national' television or radio.

However, the northern English also encounter prejudice.

Just ask BBC Breakfast's business news presenter Steph McGovern. Originally from Middlesbrough, Steph says she gets disparaging remarks not just from parochial southern viewers but even, in the past, from bosses.

She was viewed by some as "too common for telly" and, after one BBC job interview, was told: "I didn't realise people like you were clever".

Tweeters question the Teesider's university education, and one emailer suggested she return to her council estate.

That said, Ms McGovern has admitted having once been a champion Irish dancer.

Much though I admire many things Irish, if she's referring to that business where you keep your arms by your side and flap your legs about, I believe she should resign her post immediately.

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