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Nigella, sorry but you are hot when you're cooking


Flirty foodie: Nigella Lawson

Flirty foodie: Nigella Lawson


Flirty foodie: Nigella Lawson

Top telly chef Nigella Lawson has spoken out against men. Yes, well done, hen. It's time somebody did.

Her claim is that it's male-style chaps who find her presentation style suggestive. She denies being flirtatious, and only french-kisses cream-filled meringues as it's the best way to eat them.

I see. Talk about having your pud and eating it. What a gal though, eh? She's right posh, referring to her evening meal as "suppah" and everything.

I must confess I've never seen any of Nigella's shows. Not interested in cooking, d'you see? As Fry and Laurie's busy businessman put it: "If I want an omelette, I go to an omelette-maker."

However, I used to tune in when Nigella was on the otherwise hellish Question Time. She's the only person who could make the underlying rate of inflation sound sexy. It was the way she rolled her tongue round the rate, I think.

In 1998, Nigella gave up her top job as Chancellor of the Exchequer to concentrate on cooking food. That same year, she married 92-year-old Arthur Askey, the former music hall entertainer who eats nothing but eggs.

Despite her cheek in blaming men for her image, we wish her success with her new book, Railway Sidings of Greater Carmarthen.

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