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No matter what Dutch believe, somebody up there was on my side during drugs bust

You must hand it to the Dutch for progressive thinking. A bona fide church there is preaching that there’s no God and that the Bible is a myth.

This follows a survey which found one in six clergymen from the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) was agnostic or atheist.

The Exodus Church in Gorinchem is reinventing Christianity, exploring what one academic has called ‘somethingism’ — the something being that fuzzy bit between heaven and earth.

Gotta love the Dutch. Holland is one of the few foreign countries I’ve visited, and I found its liberalism disorientating. I’ve written before about experimenting in my youth with yon ‘waccy baccy’. It didn’t really agree with me and, generally, I just puffed it to be sociable — say with my local MP or councillor.

In southern Holland I waddled into a bar for a pint and was persuaded to purchase peculiar cigarettes. I remember thinking: “Gosh, these are right long.” Next thing, I was cycling down a dual carriageway with psychedelic crayoning on my face. Stopped by the police, I just stood there giggling. And the worst of it? They started giggling too. The three of us stood at the side of the road, splitting our sides.

Thankfully, I was never taken to court. I’d never have stood a prayer.

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