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OMG! LOL is now in the OED

Every time I see the acronym LOL, I die a little inside. Talk about trendy expressions lingering on beyond their sell-by date, daddy-oh.

Well, now LOL has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, causing language purists to exclaim: OMG!

For those of you out of yon loop, LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud (OMG is Oh, My God) and is, generally speaking, deployed by unpleasant ne'er-do-wells hiding behind pseudonyms, or pompous nerds who give superior, and almost always wrong, answers on computer "help" (even the inverted commas don't do justice to the inaccuracy of the term) websites.

LOL is just so smug, unoriginal and irritating. It sums up everything that is wrong about the internet: the affording of arrogance, the awarding of authority, the granting of judgment to keyboard cranks with halitosis of the personality.

Still, the phenomenon exists and, therefore, merits a place in the OEDD: Oxford English Dumbed Downary.

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