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Robert McNeill: David Cameron asking how happy we are will make us feel miserable

As rioting - admittedly, fairly minor - engulfed parts of Londonshire (well, the part with Tory HQ in it) and, across the land, complaining reached a crescendo, I laughed to read that David Cameron wanted statisticians to find out how happy we were.

One imagined an aide might have taken Dave aside and suggested: “Have you tried looking out the window, Prime Minister?”

Here, even a man educated at Eton might have been able to spot that a hullabaloo was brewing.

But then, to be fair to Master David, it’s difficult to know how seriously to take these things.

It's the job of electorates to be permanently unhappy.

They’ll never stop moaning, no matter who gets in. No one can ever do enough for them.

On the other hand, it’s so typical that the Tories immediately start hacking at the public sector.

They’d do that, deficit or no deficit. It’s what they do.

Being Scottish, I wouldn‘t micturate on the Conservatives if they were ablaze.

But even I thought a new, nicer world might dawn when Dave and his mate, Cleggy, stood in the sunny rose garden at Downing Street and tittered among the tweeting birds.

For a brief moment, the citizens of the United Kingdom were happy. Then came the sound of broken glass.

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