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Robert McNeill: The specs appeal of the £1 glasses

As I type this urgent epistle, my glasses are on squint, because they've only got one leg.

The specs cost me £2 — twice what I would normally pay — and the leg broke off after two days.

But the main thing is that they're on my face, and not down the back of the couch or on a bus or in that twilight zone where reading glasses disappear.

A study claims cheap glasses can be bad for you but, given the rate of loss, how could we afford anything else?

The one time I went for “proper”, expensive reading glasses, the optometrist asked me if I got headaches and a pain behind my right eye.

“Nope,” I replied.

So she made me a pair of glasses that gave me a headache and a pain behind my right eye.

I saw the error of my ways, and now stick to Poundexpander and Semichem, the half a chemist, when purchasing my eyewear.

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