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Sex tweets a risqué business for Peston

More Tweeting outrages, and this time it's the BBC's famous business editor, Robert Peston, who ill-advisedly confided his innermost thoughts to the world.

Peston, renowned in broadcasting for his peculiar manner of speaking, Tweeted on the Royal wedding. He was not alone. Many millions must have Tweeted on the subject, hotly imparting their admiration or disgust.

However, it was disgust that Mr Peston inspired after he alleged that, with the ceremony over, William and Kate would now be able to - well, I don't know how to put this - engage in matters more corporeal than spiritual.

It wasn't the first time lewd suggestions had been made in relation to the Royal matrimonial proceedings.

During the ceremony itself a wild man in a peculiar cloak told the couple they needed to do their bit "for the increase of mankind".

The Bishop of London - for it was he - added that they would answer "on the dreadful day of judgement" if they mucked about. Yes, indeed. What a day that'll be. Lot of judging.

At least the Bish is an expert in matters libidinous, unlike Peston, who only knows stuff about inflation and the retail price index.

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Ignominy followed for the crass correspondent when the BBC ordered him to take down his Tweets and punished him accordingly.

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