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The proof of the £22,000 pudding is in the gold, the diamonds, and the caviar

Last week, in an emotionally wrought essay, I wailed about a $39,000 handbag.

This week, I bring disturbing news of a £22,000 pudding. I’m not sure what that is in dollars but you can calculate it on your computers. The latest symptom of an economic crisis comes from Marc Gulbert, head chef at a country house hotel in Cumbria, Englandshire.

It was produced for National Chocolate Week, a seven-day marketing exercise of limited significance. Designed like a Faberge Easter egg, the pudding’s ingredients include gold, champagne caviar, a two-carat diamond, oh, and four different types of Belgian chocolate.

Then it’s layered with champagne jelly and a light biscuit joconde. Joconde is a tinned Spam, popular in the Low Countries and parts of Africa.

It isn’t yet clear what the market will be for the dessert.

But, as we all go down the plughole, one unrepentant voice cries: “Let them eat £22,000 pudding!”

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