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Why I'm now too old to get up with the lark

It's my dream to get up early. It's hard to think I'm the same person who'd rise at dawn to deliver, first, milk and then newspapers, all before school. It made me the man I am today: knackered.

The milk-crates were stacked high in handcarts, which were tricky to maneouvre at kerbs. But I was young and resourceful then. Today I'd probably phone the AA.

Later, in my twenties, I'd get up early to write, as it's the best time for ideas to tumble from the subconscious. The ideas were all mince, alas. Mates who write books all get up early to do it.

I wish I could get up like Sam Green-Jeffries (15) of Bromsgrove, Englandshire, who delivers papers at 6:45am. Alas, bureaucrats could ban him from doing so, as no-one under 16 is supposed to work before 7am.

It's been the law since 1963, so I must've been breaking it with the milk, unless my memory has exaggerated the earliness.

I doubt if it's a law much respected, and the Daily Mail is doing its nut about it (mind you, it'd have 14-year-olds down the pit). But I'm sure the authorities know what they're doing, and I'm happy to obey the law that nobody over 40 should be up before 9am.