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Why Texans receive no Marx for intelligence

How comical to read of fundamentalist loonies in Texas banning the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? from schools.

Bill Martin's tale teaches children about animals. Self-evidently, the popular tome is aimed at infants and similar nincompoops.

Alas for Bill, he shares the same name as the author of Ethical Marxism, and the educational loonocracy in Texas got the two Mr Martins ‘muxed ip’.

Ethical Marxism is quite a different kettle of piscine entities from Brown Bear.

Indeed, you'd think the author of the former was taking the piscine, with his diverting cornucopia of humanism, post-industrial analysis, ecology, feminism, and other sleep-inducing concepts. Not a bear in sight.

Alas, it isn't just fictional ursine characters that have fallen foul of the crazed Texans, who've been downplaying slavery — described as the “Atlantic triangular trade” — and talking up creationism, the idea that everything was made by a big beardy bloke on a six-day DIY course.

Even He couldn't make up Texas.

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