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This is no way to run democracy

What next for Stormont?
What next for Stormont?

By Samuel Morrison

Imagine waking up to the news the morning after the 2015 general election and discovering that we have a new Government.

A Conservative/Labour/Liberal Democrat/SNP/Ukip Government.

In fact, let's go further than that.

Let's imagine that even before any of the TV debates (if they ever happen), before any of the party election broadcasts, we already knew that a Conservative/Labour/Liberal Democrat/SNP Government was going to be the outcome.

It quite literally didn't matter how people across the United Kingdom voted. It was already predetermined by law that every party would be in government as of right.

There wouldn't be a debate between David Cameron and Ed Miliband to decide who ended up as Prime Minister, because everyone knows before a vote is cast that they will both become co-equal prime ministers.

There wouldn't be a debate about the dangers to the UK of having a government, which included a party which has as its raison d'etre the destruction of the state, because people vote SNP, therefore - as democrats - we have to accept them as coalition partners.

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It sounds preposterous and something which couldn't last.

It flies in the face of every basic democratic norm.

Nowhere in the democratic world would tolerate it.

Yet, that is exactly the form of government we are lumbered with here in Northern Ireland.

Following the Scottish referendum, the issue of constitutional reform and re-examining devolution is high on the political agenda.

Yet - bizarrely - TUV are the only party which continues to highlight the fact that Stormont is in need of a major democratic overhall.

TUV MPs would use our presence to argue not just for much-needed funding for the province, but also for the vital constitutional reform we need to bring us into line with the rest of the United Kingdom.

That's a discussion which the comfortable club of parties around the Executive table aren't interested in.

  • Samuel Morrison is a member of Traditional Unionist Voice

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