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Scottish referendum: It'll be a generation before Scotland cries freedom and strives to sever Westminster link

By Will Chambre

Away w’ ye perfidious Scots…well not quite, even at times the English may have wished it to be so…

And, now on this balmy September day, it will likely be more than a generation before the Scots once more raise the Saltire and cry freedom and strive to sever their link with Westminster once and for all.

Of course, all the battle cries of independence are little more than dull echoes of Alex Salmond’s war cries. Now within the carpeted corridors of Whitehall the future extent of Holyrood’s powers are whispered between civil servants.

Most media coverage has focussed on the changed relationships and the ‘West Lothian question’.

In a not so quiet corner of the UK, hands are raised with a soft grumble of “what about us"?

Unionists, nationalists, loyalists and republicans in our ‘wee country’ are all now considering what the ‘No’ vote will mean for their respective agendas as they jockey for influence.

Before ‘shopping lists’ are finalised, the various shades of Northern Ireland’s political classes will do well to remember the old adage: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

While, unbelievably, there may be a cross-community consensus among the parties around the economic holy grail of setting our own corporation tax rate, this is going to come a price. It is estimated that money men in Whitehall  will “dock our pay” to anything up to £500m a year to compensate for the loss of tax revenue.

Sinn Féin are eyeing up concessions on welfare reform along the lines of those that are being mooted for Scotland; thereby allowing Sinn Féin to say they are battling austerity on both sides of the border.

For each part of each concession that our local parties seek to wring out of a relieved coalition government in Westminster, politicians of all shades here would do well to remember there is only a tinsy weensy window of opportunity to do so. Prime Minister David Cameron has set an ambitious deadline of November for agreeing proposals for constitutional reform across the UK.  Then there is the little matter of a general election.

Leave it any later and chances of extracting promises, gifts, rebates, cash and powers will disappear in a puff of hustings hot air.

Strike while the iron is hot , seize the day -  whatever cliché MLAs can use, should be used now! While coalition government eyes in Westminster look northwards, and decide about more local democracy for England’s cities and shires, the Northern Ireland Executive have the opportunity to get a deal done.

However, first of all, they will need to work much harder at making our “devolved institutions function effectively”, as a certain gentleman standing in front of No 10 Downing Street suggested recently.

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