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Attack on Rangers is hateful bile

Ibrox, home of Rangers Football Club
Ibrox, home of Rangers Football Club

By Gordon Dinnie

In his recent, unprompted attack on Rangers FC and our supporters, shoehorned into a right of reply to Ruth Dudley Edwards, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain did nothing but betray his own prejudice.

Mac Giolla Bhain states that "facts are sacred", but uses none. He calls Rangers a "new club", but ignores the fact that judicial ruling and Scottish football authority statements have confirmed that Rangers remains the same club founded in 1872.

Mac Giolla Bhain presents no facts to back up the vile language he uses to describe the Rangers support. People of all creeds and colours, of all shades of political opinion and of all religions and none, are welcome at Ibrox.

Those attending Ibrox every other Saturday are men, women and children who love their club and are enjoying its footballing renaissance after several tortuous years.

Mac Giolla Bhain regularly describes these normal, law-abiding football fans as "the klan", "herrenvolk" and "a fascist underclass".

He has tried and failed to be taken seriously by mainstream publications over many years, so now attacks the "mainstream media" for failing to print his Rangers fiction.

He refers to fellow NUJ members as "stenographers" for sticking to facts, rather than the fantasies that are his blog's stock and trade. After reviewing the content of that blog, The Sun newspaper pulled out of a serialisation deal with him due to their unease at the bile contained in it.

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Mac Giolla Bhain spends his time hooking in an ever-dwindling fringe of gullible Scottish football fans with tall tales of Rangers' imminent demise while begging them for donations.

His wild claims are debunked on a weekly basis on social media. Last week saw him claim that Rangers fan groups - the Rangers Supporters Trust included - had been asked by Rangers to pay October's wages: a malicious falsehood.

That the NUJ continues to support Mac Giolla Bhain while ignoring what we consider to be hate speech is a stain on that organisation. Their members throughout Scotland and the UK should ask serious questions of a leadership that consistently sticks its neck out to promote him.

If facts are sacred, then Mac Giolla Bhain is not a devout man.

Gordon Dinnie is chairman of the Rangers Supporters Trust

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