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4Chan nude pics: Naked truth is that celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence deserve their privacy

By Claire Harrison

What you get up to in the privacy of your own home is entirely up to you, so long as it's legal. The last time I checked, willingly posing for naked pics and videos had not yet been outlawed - while theft is still very much a criminal activity.

I usually have little tolerance for celebrities screaming about privacy rights while building a lucrative career based on their public image and a courting of the Press.

But no one deserves to have the detail of intimate moments, captured for whatever reason, shared with the world when they were never meant for public consumption.

I don't think it's too much for celebrities to store personal information away, effectively under lock and key, and expect it to stay there.

Personally, I think posing for naked pictures is sheer idiocy, but if that's what floats your boat, then I respect your right to do that.

I think it's idiocy because, no matter what way you try to hide away such graphic images, there's always a risk someone will come across it. A willing participant in a sex tape should always be aware of the chances of it finding a wider audience.

When you're an Oscar-winning actress like Jennifer Lawrence, or world-famous name like Kim Kardashian, the risk that comes with that multiplies by a million, particularly in this digital age.

But, like I said, that's your lookout. If that's what you get up to at home of a cold winter's evening, fair enough.

The hacking of the Apple iCloud service should worry us all (not that hackers are interested in the likes of me in my pyjamas), because what the perpetrators have effectively done is break down a front door, rummage through an underwear drawer and steal a personal item for sexual kicks.

How many doors did they break down before finding the 101 celebrities who happened to have taken nude snaps? How many images of normal family life, private holidays, young children and unsuspecting friends and family did they trawl through before hitting paydirt?

Presumably, there are some famous names in existence who don't loll around in the nude for a camera, whose accounts were scoured and rejected as boring and fully clothed?

As the FBI launches an investigation into the hacking, the women caught in the scandal have faced the double insult of being trolled when they dared to object.

"To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, I hope you feel great about yourselves," tweeted the American actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. "Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this."

She then had to shut down her account after a barrage of abuse.

Creepy is the right word. Is there a difference between hacking a personal photo album and standing with your face pressed up against a window, spying on a woman in her own home? Whether the victim is cooking, watching TV, or something altogether more exciting, that is pretty creepy.

Winstead also made an important point when she addressed her ire to "those of you looking at photos". Every person who has gone looking for the pictures shares the guilt of those who stole them. They, too, are pressing their nose to the glass.

Celebrity or not, every woman has the right not to have intimate moments – carefully stored away – ransacked and violated by millions of strangers.

Naked posing might be a foolish thing to do, but that should never mean she deserved it.

Simon's gushing is a real turn-off

I've never been a fan of the X Factor, but, like driving past a car crash, sometimes it's hard not to look.

I tuned in on Saturday night just in time to see a man called Jay James absolutely slaughter his audition song, with lots of shouting, weird squeaking noises, flat notes and nervous glances at the judges.

As he opened his eyes at the end of the killing spree, I could just imagine the acerbic roasting Simon Cowell was preparing. "Amazing!" he gushed. "Now that's how to audition!"

Mel B literally wept. And that's why I don't watch the X Factor.

Angelina is butt of kids' humour

Angelina Jolie has always gone against the grain, so it should be no surprise she brought on a team of avant garde designers to help out with her wedding dress – her children.

Not many people could get away with taking a Versace wedding gown and letting six kids draw on it. But Angie's not everyone, so the artwork – colourful scrawls and doodles, including a family portrait, animals, motorbikes and planes – was quite endearing.

Donatella Versace hasn't revealed what she thought of the word 'buttock' making its way into the design as her young cohorts' little joke.

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