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Katie Price's kids could pay a hefty price for her public love spats

By Claire Harrison

There comes a time in the life of a scorned woman that it's time to stop banging on about it. You have to have a teeny bit of sympathy for Katie Price after she split with her third husband on discovering he was having an affair with her best friend while she was pregnant.

If you missed the latest twist in the soap opera that is the life of the woman formerly known as Jordan, brace yourself for a quick synopsis. Although I'm really not interested, through a process of gossip osmosis I can tell you that Price is currently heavily pregnant to Kieran Hayler with her fifth child. She married Hayler last year after what's known as a whirlwind romance and a bouncing baby son called Jett arrived later in the year. Before she knew it, Price fell pregnant again and all looked rosy until the 36-year-old discovered with shock that her young husband was playing away with her best friend, Jane.

And so ensued a Twitter rage announcing their divorce, unflattering pictures and harsh words for the "other woman", showdowns with her husband and expletive-laden rants – all played out in public and to the delight of tabloids and gossip magazines. Poor Jane's husband got dragged into it and paraded before the cameras as he tried to salvage his own marriage and make sense of the circus swallowing up his life. No detail of a very acrimonious split was kept in any way sacred.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any more complicated, or there was nothing more the former glamour model could say about the whole tawdry affair, Price then decides to give a "tell all" interview to a Sunday newspaper in which she reveals Hayler cheated on her, with two friends, in their marital bed. Like I said, nothing kept sacred.

Are you still with me? 'Cos there's more. No sooner had the divorce lawyers moved in, than Price announced she was thinking of giving Hayler another chance while he undergoes treatment for sex addiction (yes, that old chestnut). She also wants to wait until after the birth of their second child before making any more drastic decisions. There was no mention of any hope of reconciliation with Jane, because that's always what happens to the scarlet woman while the man gets welcomed back into the fold.

Although it's easy to dislike Katie Price and sneer at her colourful life, there's also much to admire about this pneumatic figure.

She's clearly a formidable businesswoman and gives the impression of being a doting and very good mother. With a baby on the way and two previous broken marriages, who could judge a mother-of-five for trying to give things another go with her errant hubby?

While I enjoy a rifle through a women's magazine as much as the next gossipmonger, the minute detail of the death throes of a marriage are really none of my business. And I genuinely don't care about or judge on whether she takes him back or not in the end.

But I can't help think about Price's older children, and her two with Hayler, one of whom has lived through this drama in the womb. While she's perfectly entitled to air her views in the vociferous way she has – and what wronged woman wouldn't fantasise about such a public platform to name and shame – it would be better for her to draw a line under the linen-washing.

For the sake of her children, who will no doubt know how to Google in years to come, it's time to shut up.

Nothing could ever compare to Sinead

Sinead O'Connor is notorious for her controversial approach to the music industry and life in general. So it's something of a surprise that the Dublin singer's name is being bandied about as a potential replacement for Dolores O'Riordan as one of the new judges on The Voice Ireland.

Given that she is the complete antithesis of everything a reality television talent show stands for (a unique talent who did it the hard way and is strictly non-conformist) she could well be a genius signing.

Outspoken, irreverent and brilliantly barmy, Sinead would make unmissable telly. Go on Sinead, do it!

So, er, not so great Kate, after all...

Eve Branson strikes me as a feisty, straight-talking lady. Richard Branson's mother certainly wasn't willing to let any myths linger about the night Kate Winslet reportedly saved her from a fire on the billionaire's luxury Necker Island – and was hailed a national treasure for her bravery.

"Oh no! I'm sick of this story," she joked recently as she revealed that Winslet had only lifted her along four steps before setting her down again – and it was only to hurry her up when she got in the way of the actress and her two children as they fled the flames.


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