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Now Cheryl Cole can give Simon Cowell the elbow

By Claire Harrison

Don't do it, Cheryl. Never go back. The showbiz rumour mill is full of 'Will she? won't she?' amid speculation that Simon Cowell is trying to lure Cheryl Cole back to the judging panel of the X Factor.

He has reportedly upped her salary to £2m and thrown in a private jet and unlimited wardrobe allowance to get her back to the show.

But the Girls Aloud star would do well to remember the humiliating and ruthless way in which Cowell ditched her from the US version of the show (which has now foundered) when she didn't quite fit in.

With Strictly putting Cowell's tedious talent show under ratings pressure, bringing Cheryl back to the UK version looks like a desperate measure to revive a dying concept. She should steer clear.

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