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You've nothing to cry about, Rebecca

By Claire Harrison

How sad to see Rebecca Adlington break down in tears as she talked about how insecure she feels about her looks. The double Olympic gold medallist became distressed while discussing cruel comments on her appearance on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

It's a sad indictment of how our celebrity-driven culture can make someone of Rebecca's incredible achievements feel inferior. The woman's got FOUR Olympic medals, for God's sake, yet she gets abused on Twitter. I was lucky to meet the swimmer just a few months after her heroics in Beijing. She stood out a mile in the room because of her striking height, athletic build and fabulous shoes. There is something drastically wrong when an athlete of Rebecca's stature feels she is nothing in comparison to a size eight model. And as she pointed out herself, a male athlete would never have to worry about looks.

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