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Cooper Brown: Saif Gaddafi

I am in complete sympathy with the poor people of Japan. I understand what they’re going through as fate has dealt me the same blow.

A mini tsunami (water leak) smashed the Cooperdome, the floor collapsed and I am currently living in temporary accommodation (The Groucho).

Everyone is being very kind and people pop by to visitmeand even bring me food – I know the Groucho restaurant is not all that but honestly? I’m all about geopolitics at the moment. I know Gaddafi’s son Saif quite well. I interviewed him for some piece way back and we actually really got on. The guy is a slimeball, but a slimeball who lives to have fun and that is Cooper’s type of slimeball. One night Saif decided that we were going to have a party with only belly dancers in attendance. He rented out some basement restaurant in Beauchamp Place and we sat at the bar while every belly dancer in London turned up.

They all seemed a little confused as to what was going on but the lure of Saif’s money was too much. He ordered all of them (there must have been at least 200 of them) to start dancin’ them bellies while we ordered this huge meal replete with some ludicrously expensive vodka shots. We knocked them back one after the other until even I was having to pour some strategically into a pot plant. All the while, these 200 girls were gyrating away and Saif was ignoring all of them. Then, when he’d finished the meal – he pointed at five of the girls and they followed him out of the place and into his limo. I was kind of miffed not to have been asked along but I made friends by association with a couple of the less flabby leftovers. Cooper Out.


A handsome bald male, Cooper Brown is a 21st century success story. While doing an internship at Paramount in LA some big shots liked the Cooper style and took him under their wing. Now he’s a veteran of the shallow, backstabbing and treacherous movie industry, and he loves it.

Twitter- @icooperbrown

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