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Eilis O'Hanlon

How Gerry Adams tried to put some distance between Bobby Storey and real tale of his past

Eilis O'Hanlon

Republicans believe there is one rule for them and another for the rest of us as the crowds at Bobby Storey's funeral demonstrated

American writer Toni Morrison once observed: "Now that I'm 84, I remember everything as a mistake, and I regret everything. I go back over my life and you pick up, 'Oh, what did I do that for? Why didn't you understand this'?"

Republicans seem to be immune from that kind of piercingly honest self-reflection. Instead, they wallow in nostalgia for a period of Northern Ireland's history that most normal people look back on with dread and outrage.

Gerry Adams' eulogy at the funeral of Bobby Storey on Tuesday was another masterclass in mawkish remembrance. Standing at the graveside in Milltown Cemetery, the former Sinn Fein leader described "Big Bob", who died in England last week at the age of 64 following lung transplant surgery, as "selfless", "gentle", and "kind", with an "infectious humour", adding: "The craic around Bobby was mighty."

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