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Rachel Riley has signed up to a new scheme to beat the Twitter trolls

Fionola Meredith: Social media is a toxic mirror for our age... no wonder it's full of trolls and narcissists 

Don't feed the trolls - that's always been the recommended way to deal with online abuse. Engaging with people who are determined to threaten, attack or slander you simply buys into their agenda, giving them the attention they crave, at the expense of your own peace of mind. It's like the old adage about wrestling with pigs - don't do it. You both get dirty and, besides, the pig likes it.

From left, Martina Anderson, Naomi Long and Diane Dodds at the count for the European elections

Fionola Meredith: MEPs' gender completely irrelevant ... it's what they actually stand for that counts 

Did a little tear of sisterly pride and joy spring to my eye when I saw our three new female MEPs take to the podium this week? Did it heck. Far too much has been made of the fact that Naomi Long, Diane Dodds and Martina Anderson happen to share the same chromosomes. That's about all they share, as far as I can see, and it means diddly squat. Despite all the trumpeting, their gender is the least relevant thing about them as politicians.

Nigel Farage (right) after being hit by a milkshake during a walkabout this week in Newcastle

Fionola Meredith: Current craze for drenching politicians on the far-Right only makes them stronger 

Nobody has ever thrown a milkshake at me - so far - but I can imagine how it feels. First the shock of the sudden cold splash, as the cup hits you, then the rising smell of sickly-sweet dairy, and finally the mortifying realisation that you look as though you've been dive-bombed by a flock of incontinent seagulls. And then the aftermath, when the horrible stickiness soaks in and starts gluing your trousers to your legs. Nasty.


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