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Fionola Meredith

If you want the full support of the public, Health Minister Swann, then try to trust people, not terrify them

Fionola Meredith

Executive should have been honest over likely deaths from Covid-19 rather than crying wolf, says Fionola Meredith

Robin Swann

So now we know. The "surge of biblical proportions" that Health Minister Robin Swann dramatically warned of in March, in which 14,000-15,000 people in Northern Ireland could be killed by the coronavirus, was never a reasonable prediction.

According to a leaked document obtained by the BBC Spotlight programme, the scientific modelling at the time said that 14,000 deaths was the "worst-case scenario" if there was no compliance at all with social distancing. It was not, and never was, considered by scientists to be a realistic figure.

Mr Swann did not share this additional, qualifying information with us, the public.