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21st century woman is getting bigger - breast boom no myth,

By Frances Burscough

The 21st century bosom boom isn't just a myth – boobs are getting bigger, that's a fact. The number of women in the UK purchasing DD size bras and bigger has increased by 30% in this decade alone. That's an incredible figure of women with incredible figures, don't you think?

And Belfast is leading the way, too. The New Bravissimo store is opening here as a direct result of the huge demand it has noticed from Northern Ireland customers on its website.

Although there's been much speculation about why this is happening, the actual reasons are far more obvious than you'd think. And it's nothing to do with natural selection or evolution (stupid!) because evolution is not something that can be observed happening over one generation.

There are three main explanations. The first is completely natural – people in general are now bigger than they were in the last century. Diets have changed and we don't get the same amount of exercise. For women this means broader hips, a larger waist –and, of course, bigger boobs.

The second reason is completely unnatural. According to the British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (don't laugh, I'm being serious), around 29,000 women went under the knife in 2011-12, with breast enlargement being the favourite choice by far.

Then, of course, there are hormone treatments – like HRT, contraceptives and certain long-term cancer treatments – which can have an effect on breast size.

So yes, it is true, boobs are getting bigger and stores which specialise in the curvier physique are reaping the benefits... as are heterosexual men in general.

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