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Can Snow White Nigella Lawson put this panto behind her?

By Frances Burscough

They say no publicity is bad publicity, but in the Christmas pantomime case of Snow White Nigella versus the Sisters Grillo, this may be the exception that proves the rule.

Loyal fans of the domestic goddess – including the Prime Minister, no less – are unlikely to change their high opinion after all the sleazy allegations. Inside the courtroom, her dignified demeanour, immaculate composure and witty ripostes showed Nigella to be a strong and feisty woman.

The great British public love this kind of character, and for that reason her popularity in the UK is likely to be undented. However, Nigella has set her heart on "breaking into" the USA and over there they ain't quite so forgiving. She is a relative newcomer with only one series under her belt – in which she was just one member of a judging panel. She doesn't yet have that crucial legion of loyal followers. Where this goes next is anyone's guess. No doubt the tabloids on both sides of the ocean will be hunting high and low for new evidence about Nigella's drug use.

I personally hope the scandal soon dies down, like an unsuccessful souffle, so Nigella can get out of the headlines and back to the studio kitchen where she truly belongs.

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