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Caroline Wozniacki knows how to serve up revenge after Rory McIlroy romance

By Frances Burscough

It is a well-known fact that after a woman is dumped she must immediately begin to plot her revenge. Frankly, until she is completely over the shock this is the only way forward.

I'm not talking about cutting up every suit he owns either. That kind of hysterical knee-jerk reaction is counter-productive, as it simply reinforces the belief that you're a nutter and he's better off without you. No, you want the very opposite effect. You want him to bitterly regret losing you – which takes a lot of self-restraint and planning.

First you have to take stock, lick your wounds and call on family and friends for support. Alcohol and chocolate may be required. Once you're ready to face the public, do so – but keep a dignified silence, except to say that you wish him well. Don't look miserable. Smile even if it kills you. If he didn't have the guts to face you, then you don't seek him out either. You want him to hear third hand that you're absolutely fine and enjoying your new freedom.

Meanwhile behind the scenes start working on a makeover. You may wish to diet or go to the gym. And there's the hairstyle. Get it cut, or coloured, or highlighted, or all three, as long as you look newer, fresher, happier.

Next you need some retail therapy. Buy a new wardrobe, the sort of thing you know suits you but is clearly different from your current look.

When you have re-invented yourself, it's time to go out and show him what he's missing.

This is precisely what Caroline Wozniacki is doing now, with absolute and utter aplomb.

I imagine a collective cheer went up from jilted women everywhere last weekend when Caroline lifted the US Open runners-up trophy and beamed her perfect smile for all to see.

If Rory wasn't regretting his loss then, he almost certainly would have been later in the week when she emerged for the cameras at New York Fashion Week looking like a supermodel.

She positively beamed with radiance and spoke so sweetly and thoughtfully about her ex you'd assume that she really was completely over him and more than ready to move forward.

All you need now is a new superstar boyfriend.

Go on ye girl ye!

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