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Frances Burscough: Er lads, this new fashion fad is not clever, it’s just pants

Let’s get this straight: girls wearing their fella’s clothes — aka ‘boyfriend fashion’ — looks cool. A big shirt can look super kooky and a tux & tie combo super sexy, a la Annie Hall, on the right figure.

But guys wearing their girlfriend’s gear? I’m sorry but unless he’s bisexual or a eunuch then it’s just plain wrong.

And yet Kate Moss, the style icon whose Topshop ranges fly off the rails all over Britain, seems determined to make this a new trend.

Step forward her latest beau Jamie Hince in front of the St Tropez paparazzi wearing a pair of her very own cut-off denim hotpants complete with a chunky belt and a fetching velour cardigan.

How did sir look? Terrible, naturellement.

It just doesn’t work, fashionably or physiologically. The eyes water to imagine how he contained his wedding tackle behind such a minute hipster zip

Incredibly it’s already starting to catch on. That testosterone-fuelled action thriller hunk, Jason Statham, was recently pictured on the town in a pair of girly hot-pants accessorised with (I kid you not) a clutch bag; as has the mid-fielding metrosexual Christiano Ronaldo.

But worse is to come.

Apparently if Russell Brand is anything to go by, leggings for men will be the next big thing.

So prepare to avert your eyes girls, unless cod-pieces return as a fashion statement for the first time in 400 years!

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