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Frances Burscough: Now I want to blank out all celeb tattoos

You know it’s a ‘slow news week’ when a very slight tattoo alteration on a celeb makes it to a national news page headline.

Such was the case on Tuesday when a ‘new swirl-shaped motif’ was detected on Angelina Jolie’s arm by a sharp-eyed paparazzoid.

You can imagine the excitement, can’t you?

Stop press! Hold the front page! Bring out the cultural analysts and let’s scrutinise the significance of this swirl!

Of course tattoos are as much a part of celebrity culture now as recreational drug-use and stints in rehab.

Everyone who’s anyone has one — at least — and now barely a week goes by without a tattoo story topping the society |news pages.

This month alone, there’s been David Beckham’s ‘ring-o-roses’ pattern while his missus got a ‘mystery message’ inscribed in Hebrew (don’t ask why she probably doesn’t know herself) on her wrist.

Jodie Marsh jumped on the Michael Jackson (RIP) bandwagon with a very poor likeness of the wacko-one on her shoulder.

Katie Price got her ‘Pete’ |tat removed after their much-publicised split, whilst Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox have both honoured Marilyn Monroe in their recent trips to Hollywood Ink.

Then of course there’s the ubiquitous Peaches Geldof, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, |all flaunting their dodgy designs at every given opportunity

So surely, the really controversial headline-grabbing way forward for an up-and-coming starlet would be to have no body art whatsoever?

Now that’s what I would call radical

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