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Frances Burscough: Surely research should be based on science, not science fiction?

Forget global warming or worldwide recession or pandemics such as swine flu or bubonic plague: what we really should be worried about are zombies killing us all.

According to learned mathematicians at the University of Ottawa, the biggest threat that would almost certainly wipe out all civilisation on planet earth is a Dawn of the Dead-type scenario. Seriously.

They have spent months compiling a research paper for the esteemed science publication Infectious Diseases Modelling Research Progress considering how we would deal with an attack by the living dead. And the conclusion? We wouldn’t. We’d all die. Horribly.

It’s just as well that zombies don’t exist then, isn’t it?

Still, why do I get the impression of a room full of Canadian boffins sitting in a room watching every zombie movie ever made?

Far out man! Check out the dude with the eyeball hanging out! Gross!

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